The team at X-URBAN is innovative and experienced, committed to upholding its prestige in the world of contemporary Chinese architecture as one of the most responsive and responsible firms--to clients, as executive architects, and to good design. We believe in letting the quality of our work speak for itself; for example, the Bao’an 1990 Renovation (Shenzhen, Guangdong), Bantangquan Villas (Chaohu, Anhui), and Shenzhen City (Kashi, Xinjiang).

We believe firmly in research and continuous learning. Our collaboration with Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (GSD) won the Futian CBD Core Area Urban Design competition, while also opening the door for future partnerships. X-URBAN is also building a pedagogical relationship with Washington University in St. Louis, Fei Xiaohua’s alma mater. Within China, we are an official internship site for graduate students of the Southeast University and Shenzhen University.

Today's X-URBAN is an accumulation of well-honed experience, invigorated by infusions of past and current talent as well as exciting proposals from a wide-range of collaborators. We would like to thank our many supportive friends and faithful clients.

  • Xiaohua Fei
    Member of architecture and environmental art committee of shenzhen planning commission
    Lead architect, design director, shenzhen X-URBAN ARCHITECTS
    Grade 1 registered architect

    Bachelor of architecture, Tongji University
    Master of urban planning and design, Tongji University
    Master of architecture, Washington University in st. Louis
    1987-1989, Shanghai east China architectural design and research institute, master room program group
    1989-1991, Department of architecture, architectural design research institute, architectural design teaching and design, shenzhen University
    1991-1998, Director and deputy chief architect of shenzhen urban planning and design institute
    1998-1999, American KLTP architectural design company
    Since 2001, Shenzhen X-URBAN ARCHITECTS, hosting architect and design director
  • Zhonghua Xu
    Deputy host architect
    The chief architect
    Senior construction engineer
    Grade 1 registered architect

    Expert of survey and design industry in shenzhen
    Member of guangdong registered architect association
    Bachelor of urban planning, Tongji University
    1984-2005, The third design institute of shenzhen general institute of architectural design research, chief architect
    Since 2006, Shenzhen X-URBAN ARCHITECTS, chief architect
  • Guijun Wang
    Deputy host architect
    Deputy technical director
    Grade 1 registered architect

    1995 bachelor of architecture, wuhan urban construction institute
    1995-2002, Dalian lvshun architectural design institute
    2003-2009, Deputy project manager, shenzhen hualan design co., LTD
    2009-2013, Deputy chief architect, shenzhen modern urban architecture design co., LTD
    Since 2013, Shenzhen X-URBAN ARCHITECTS, deputy host architect and deputy director of technology
  • Jianyuan Liu
    Technical director
    Deputy chief architect
    Senior architect
    Second class registered architect

    1986 graduated from the school of architecture, Tianjin University
    2010-2015, development zone branch of Beijing zhengdong international architectural engineering design co., LTD, deputy chief architect
    2015-2018, tianjin tianyi construction group co., LTD. Planning architectural design institute, deputy chief architect
    2018, shenzhen X-URBAN ARCHITECTS, deputy chief architect
  • Lingyi Liang
    Deputy technical director
    The director is the architect

    1990 Inner Mongolia institute of technology, bachelor of architecture
    1993-1995, Dongguan branch of Beijing institute of architectural engineering
    1996-1999, Shenzhen branch of China academy of architectural sciences
    1999-2002, Singapore yakoben (shenzhen) design management services co., LTD
    2006-2007, Shenzhen general institute of architectural design and research urban institute
    Since 2011, Shenzhen X-URBAN ARCHITECTS
  • Yanling Li
    The director is the architect

    2003, Bachelor of architecture, Shenzhen University
    2003-2004, Shenzhen coastal green home development (shenzhen) co., LTD
    Since 2004, Shenzhen X-URBAN ARCHITECTS
  • Zhong Xia
    Executive director

    2003 graduated from Hunan Normal University
    Since 2003, Shenzhen X-URBAN ARCHITECTS